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Childhood Wishes - Quartz Bracelet


The body of this stunning bracelet is made from clear quartz pebble beads and is finished with a silver heart angels wing clasp.

Six heart shaped charms spelling child fall from the bracelet, these are the childhood wishes.

Quartz is used as it is said to offer protection fro harm which should be an innate right for each child.


An innate gift within each and every child. May it be celebrated nurtured and encouraged.


May hope be with all of our children and may they NEVER lose sight of it.


May WE lead by our actions and always be part of the positive inspiration our children need.


May there come a day when there is unfailing and endless love for all of our children.


May our children's dreams and aspirations be boundless and may they be given the support and understanding needed to achieve them.

STAR - All children are shining stars. May they always be allowed to shine brightly

May we women as adults wear these bracelets for the children we once were – for our own children, and for children everywhere!

For every Childhood Wishes bracelet sold £50 is donated to The NSPCC.
Charity Numbers 216401 SC037717



Weight. 0.0000 kg
Length. 0.0000 cm
Width. 0.0000 cm
Height. 0.0000 cm

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