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About Amanda Field Jewellery

Exquisite hand crafted headpieces tiaras and jewellery

Amanda Field is pleased to offer you her stunning collections of headpieces and jewellery. Designed and created with passion creating the perfect piece for your special day!

Passion is somewhat of a key word within the Amanda Field studio.

Amanda is absolutely passionate about the art of adornment and creating pieces that will make you look and feel incredible.

At Amanda Field we take inspiration from all that is feminine and fashionable. We adore current fashion but also love the sophisticated elegance of fashion from bygone eras. Inspiration is also gained from the finest and most beautiful gems and silks we work with.

Amanda believes that all women deserve to look and feel amazing every single day so realises the importance of getting it just right on your wedding day or for that special occasion Our current collection of headpieces L’ange is particularly inspired by the angelic in all women, particularly apt perhaps for the bride to be.

Within our stunning collection of jewellery our desire is to create stylish pieces that are not only perfect for you special day but will also translate into wearable memories you can treasure and wear every day. rather than pieces that will be popped into a box or cupboard once the day is over.

This is especially pertinent with our sterling silver signature clasps where there is the possibility of having part of a special verse or simply names and dates on the reverse. Creating the possibility of beautiful gifts for the whole bridal party and indeed all of your great occasions

The Amanda Field passion can also be found in the tiniest detail and our packaging is no different. Headpieces will arrive in gorgeous handcrafted cream and gilt boxes and jewellery in sumptuous silk taffeta pouches, that will beautifully grace every dressing table for years to come.

Finally we are most passionate about getting it absolutely right on YOUR most important of days

Whether you choose a piece from our current collections or opt for our bespoke service at Amanda Field we are only completely happy knowing you have the pieces you really love !

Enjoy browsing and we are here to help with any detail we can.
Very best Wishes

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